Different Ways To Remove Rust From Your Tools

When the tools in your toolbox are starting to get rusty, it is that long since you have used them you will want to clean them to remove any rust thoroughly. There are various ways you can do this that do not take too much time and effort and can have your tools looking shiny and new again. It does not have to be expensive, as plenty of materials in our homes may be suitable for the task. Below you can see some options you can consider for removing rust to get your tools back into excellent condition.

The Shop Bought Treatments

There are rust remover products you can purchase in DIY stores and online that are perfect for removing rust patches on your tools. These products are simple to use, and if you follow the instructions carefully, they can eliminate rust and make your tools look in excellent condition. There are various products you can buy, and the best one will depend on how much rust there is to remove, and always test a patch of rust before you start using it to ensure it is suitable.

Products To Remove Rust You Have At Home

There are items you may have in your home already that can help you remove the rust from rusty tools, and they can be just as effective as shop-bought products. You can try using some of the methods below to see how effective they are on your rusty tools, and items you can use that you may already have include:

Vinegar: Vinegar contains acetic acid, and when you submerge rusty metal tools in a vinegar bath, the acid eats away the rust. You will need to leave your rusty items in a vinegar bath overnight, and the following day you can easily remove the remaining rust using a soft cloth. This method is ideal for items with lots of rust and can help clean them quickly and effectively.

Lemon & Salt: You may be more used to putting lemon and salt on your fish and chips, but it can also help remove rust from your tools and other metal items. It is best suited to light rust rings and marks, and you will need to cover the metal surface in salt. You can squeeze lemon juice onto the salt and let it soak for around an hour. You can then use the lemon peel to wipe the rest of the salt off the metal and repeat the process until all the signs of rust have disappeared.

Baking Soda: You can also use baking soda to remove the rust on baking pans and other lightly rusted metals. You must ensure that the item is clean and 100% dry before you cover the rusted areas in baking soda. You will then leave it for around an hour and use a metal brush or steel wool to eliminate any remaining rust.

These are a few ways to remove rust from metal objects, but there are other options you can consider. You can click here to see more ways of eliminating rust from metal items and making them shine again.

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