Planning Your Office Refurbishment to Improve Your Business

For many businesses, the office premises is a key component of your company as its central heart is where the majority of the work is completed, crucial decisions are made, and clients are entertained. Over time it is necessary to refurbish the workspace and upgrade equipment to meet the ever-changing needs of the demanding corporate world. If you are considering moving to a new building or planning an office refit, you should be aware of the latest developments. Recent case studies in office dynamics have found there are multiple benefits to businesses when you increase the amount of natural light in the workplace. This short article will give you some welcome information about how to organise your new office and access these possible improvements.

Set Out Your Floorplan

Whether you are looking for new office space in Cirencester, Gloucester, or Hereford, a key component of any contemporary office space is the floorplan; correctly maximising the available floor area and making sure each employee has enough workspace is essential. Many businesses use some form of office partition to divide the open space, drywall partitions are the most common type used, but more modern workplaces are now using glass partitioning as a means to complete the same task. Glass partitions are flexible, relatively cheap, and aesthetically pleasing; they are a superb way to spread the available natural light throughout your workplace.

How Best to Divide the Space

As an increasingly popular form of office divider, glass partitions are easily installed using an aluminium framed system. Available as a solution in a multitude of situations, from a single glass wall through individual glass cubicles to a four glass-walled meeting room. Glass partitions are manufactured in single or double glazed options and can be upgraded with specific types of glass with improved acoustic or fire protection properties as your needs as require. Further upgrades also exist for switchable internal curtains or blinds when increased privacy is needed and a type of switchable glass that uses chemicals between the double-glazing layers to switch between clear and frosted glass at the touch of a button.

The Benefits of Healthy Natural Light

Your workforce’s mental and physical well-being is very important, and it is essential to be aware of what factors have a bearing on their health. Getting plenty of natural light is critical in maintaining your health, and if there are improvements that can be made in the workplace, it is beneficial to you as an employer. You can benefit in the following ways by increasing the natural light in the office –

  • Staff productivity is increased by improving the natural light.
  • Workers exposed to natural light are healthier and are sick less.
  • Healthier workers are happier employees.
  • Staff are more engaged and focused in a lighter office environment.
  • Natural light can increase the value of office space.
  • Utility bills decrease if natural light can be used instead of artificial lighting.

You should focus your office refurbishment to access the available improvements that an increase in natural light can bring, the benefits could take your company to new heights.

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