What jobs require you to have PPEs

To increase workplace safety, many companies require workers to have the proper Personal protective equipment. This varies from industry to industry and can range from a simple hard hat or earplugs up through full-body hazmat suits for those working with chemicals.

What are some jobs that require you to wear PPEs:

  • construction workers
  • police officers
  • firefighters
  • refineries/chemical plants employees
  • roofers,  roofing inspectors, roofers

If you are working in one of these industries, it is important to understand what PPEs you need. If your company does not supply the necessary equipment or if they do not provide training on how to use them, it is your responsibility to get the training you need and purchase all of the necessary equipment.

During covid times, healthcare workers are required to wear certain PPEs. For example, healthcare workers are often required to wear a mask during operations and procedures to catch any bodily fluids present.

The type of protection you will need depends on the specific task at hand. For example, if your job requires a lot of heavy lifting or climbing, you need to have the proper safety equipment.

In conclusion, many jobs require PPEs to increase workplace safety. However, you are responsible for understanding what they are and taking the proper training courses so you can be properly protected on your work site.

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