What Is Wire Bonder And Why It Is Used?

When a soft metal wire needs to be bonded with the metal surface, the technique of wire bonding is used. This technique is mostly used for small diameter wires which cannot be attached precisely otherwise. For this, a wire bonder is used which works with various techniques and procedures. This process is mostly used for soft metals like silver, gold, palladium silver, aluminum, etc. heating, soldering and fluxing are not used in wire bonder machines. There are three ways in which wire bonding is done.

Thermosonic bonding

In this binding, the wire is pressed on the surface that is heated, for a certain amount of time. In this bonding ultrasonic, time and pressure are used to bond gold wires. This bonding is also of three types including ball bonding, bump bonding, and wedge bonding.

Thermocompression bonding

In this process, the heat, time, and force are used sans friction. The small wire is pressed on the heated surface which joins after some time due to great and force.

Ultrasonic bonding

In this bonding, the wire is bonded to the metal surface using vibrations, time, and force. This process requires a certain amount of heat and is mostly used for bonding gold, palladium, aluminum, etc.

Wire bonder is quite commonly used for this process. These are used in various engineering processes and jewelry making.

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