What Are The New and Innovative Features of Fertilizer Spreaders

Farmers are buying their fertilizer spreaders in place of hiring them because it gives them more control over the way the fertilizer is spread. Let us look at the new features of fertilizer spreaders that are making harvesting easier.

How fertilizer spreaders have benefitted farmers?

The use of fertilizer spreaders has improved the rate of crop production. They have benefitted farmers by generating more output and an increase in sales. According to the estimate, the sale of dry boxes has risen by 20 to 50 percent among farmers in the past two years. The sales are still increasing.

Farmers are increasingly buying the trailer drawn units, commercial truck rigs, the floaters, on the used market. Payeur is a leading company that sells forestry machinerie, and equipment, trailers, wood loaders, and their spare parts in different areas of Quebec, and Canada.

What are the new features introduced in Spreaders?

Spreaders can be changed with partitions so that multiple-product applications happen easily with just one trip. The benefit of this modification is that the enhanced use of micronutrients that includes zinc, manganese, and boron, are linked with grid soil sampling. The new and innovative fertilizers help in the uniform application of fertilizers on the land.

There is no restriction on the land area as the new machine can be used on vast surfaces without any limitations. Earlier the maximum spread was limited to fifty feet. With new machines you can apply fertilizer at around ninety to a hundred feet and also cover several more acres of land per hour.

How to find the best spreader for your farm?

If you are looking to find a spreader, here are a few tips that can help you.

Variable rate technology

Go for the hydraulically driven controllers as they automatically adjust the speed of fertilizer that needs to be applied in accordance with the crop requirements.

Rate controller

Opt for rate controller feature that helps people to come out of standardization and spread the fertilizer to meet your target rate.

Multiple bins

If you wish to apply more than one product that includes seed, or micronutrients, then you should buy a spreader that comes with multiple bin inserts. These spreaders have several compartments where you can put different types of fertilizers to enrich the quality of the soil.


With the introduction of a fertilizer spreader, farmers are not relying on others to apply the fertilizer. The equipment gives them more authority and liberty to use in a way that offers them the best production.

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