Top Tips on How to Get the Most from Your Coaching Supervision

Coaching supervision is for anyone who wants to progress their skillset and be a better leader. It doesn’t matter what industry you are involved in, as a coach, manager, or supervisor, you will benefit greatly from support and guidance from a skilled coaching supervisor. If you have decided to avail of professional coaching, here are some ways to make the most out of your sessions.

Bring a Question or Experience to Each Session – When you are working with a coaching supervisor, it makes sense to bring a question or experience to each session and ask the coach to analyse your performance. Being a coach, you should have a range of issues regarding a particular client or session. The only way to learn from them is to analyse your performance to see what you could have done better. Coaching supervision should be a rich source of learning and growth.

Systematic – A lot of us tend to have a systematic approach to coaching that doesn’t always work with every client. There is nothing wrong with having a formula, but you should not be too rigid in its application. It is good to explore themes or patterns to see if you are relying on them too much in your practice.

Review Your Progress – If you have been working with a coach for a long time, you must look at your progression. Where were you in the beginning and where are you now? For your developmental journey as a coach, you need to look at your progression to ensure you’re working towards your goals and objectives. Think about important factors such as:

  • Where would you like more support?
  • Where do you feel you have weaknesses?
  • What area would you like to focus on?

Your goal is to reach short and long-term goals, so make sure you are doing so.

Positive Energy – Coaching can be a lonely place and not many are recognised for their success. When you attend your session with a coaching supervisor, talk about things you are pleased with and how you applied them to your job.

Another good idea is to keep a reflective journal. This way you can look back on what you have done and see if you need any improvement in a specific area. Don’t be afraid of being judged as nobody is perfect and we all have areas we can work on. Supervision offers ways to look at yourself with a different set of eyes.

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