Things to Find Out Before You Accept that Job Offer

For those of you who have gone through an extensive recruitment process recently, utilising the skills and experience of a specialist recruitment agency to help you find that perfect job role, you’ll understand what it takes to get to the stage where you are offered a position with a new company. It is at this point that you should dig deeper into all aspects of the job offer that has been put on the table. Going through a recruitment process where you have found the job role you are most interested in, you’ve aced the job interview and other areas of the process and it has come time to accept or refuse the job. It isn’t as straightforward as just saying yes or no though, there are other things that you can do.

What to look out for when receiving a job offer?

It is at this stage in the proceedings where you can negotiate your salary. One of the biggest motivations for any job role is that it offers you a stable salary. You have to look honestly at the job offer and work out if it offers you enough money to pay all of your bills and expenses as well as more for savings, debt and your social life. Does the salary bring you happiness and reflect your skills and experience? There is no point taking a job that you believe undervalues you in terms of pay. Think about any holidays and benefits on offer, whether you’ll be given annual increases and what you can expect in future, not just right now.

Another thing to investigate a little deeper is the culture of the company you’ll be joining. Do they have a high employee retention rate, and do they offer realistic career progression and internal opportunities for you to improve your skills and qualifications? It depends on your personal motivation, but the best companies are those that keep their employees for years and provide a stable network for staff to become future leaders.

Last, think about the specifics of the job description. What are your responsibilities going to be exactly? Is this reflected in your salary and benefits? It is important to think about all of these things as it will be your daily life for (hopefully) years to come should you take up the job offer. Now is the time to scrutinise and negotiate, before it is too late.

Do I have to take the job offer?

There are always certain motivations and career opportunities within every business that can entice you to continue your career path with one employer or even return to an old employer for a new job opportunity. Understanding the different pressure points and responsibilities within certain companies and industries, as well as your personal perks that you can expect to receive will help you make the right choice for you when it comes to accepting that job offer that has come your way. Remember, that even at this stage, it is your right to turn down a job offer if you feel that something isn’t quite right, or attempt negotiations whether it is to increase salary, gain more holidays or look at other flexibilities to your working patterns etc. It is the stage to negotiate and find the right balance for your work and your new company.

Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the job offer in full before you accept the new role. With the world as it is and the different employment support schemes for Covid-19 that have become an essential part of 2020, you need to know what is expected of you and what you can expect in terms of support, salary and long-term career progression possibilities with the company you are moving to for the new job role. Without this, it could mean you are walking into the unknown, which no person wants from their daily work life. Working with a specialist recruitment agency that has got to know you and understands how to match your specific skills, qualifications and desires to the perfect job role, will help you to find those job opportunities that you’ll cherish and feel invigorated for the long-term.

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