The Role of Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

Technology in manufacturing continues to evolve with condition-based monitoring at the forefront for a data-driven approach to maintenance. The key to predictive maintenance is that it is a proactive approach. It has the ability to identify a problem early on and address said issue before failure.

The key differences between preventive vs. predictive maintenance are:
• Preventive maintenance occurs on the same schedule every cycle — whether or not the upkeep is actually needed. Preventive maintenance is designed to keep parts in good repair but does not take the state of a component or process into account.
• Predictive maintenance occurs as needed, drawing on real-time collection and analysis of machine operation data to identify issues at the nascent stage before they can interrupt production. With predictive maintenance, repairs happen during machine operation and address an actual problem. If a shutdown is required, it will be shorter and more targeted.

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Predictive Maintenance from Advanced Technology Services, an industrial maintenance outsourcing company

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