The New Advancements In Solar Street Lighting Solutions

For the longest time, solar energy was not considered viable for large-scale commercial use. This was primarily because the technologies and products were both expensive and complicated. It’s not the same anymore. Leading solar street light supplier – Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Limited – has come up with their own product lineup, which promises to change the use of solar energy for street lighting in particular.

Doing away with the challenges

While solar energy is renewable and extremely environment-friendly, it does have a few disadvantages. Harnessing solar energy was always complicated, until recent innovations changed many conventional issues. Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Limited, like we said, has a unique product, called the Foldable all in one solar street light, which promises to do away with some of the standard issues. For instance, the design of the product is such that there is better heat dissipation, which ensures that other components of the street light, such as the batteries and LED lights, are not damaged by the heat collected by the solar panel.

Also, their product is meant to be a onetime investment, and they have spent years in developing the model, which can be considered for industrial areas, as well. This solar LED street light is one of better solutions for commercial needs, with features that stand out.

Better energy harnessing

When it comes to solar street lighting, another big challenge was installation and maintenance. The Foldable all in one solar street light, also called the Palm Tree solar street light, has been designed to maximize the use of solar energy. It comes to with four working modes, which can be controlled remotely, and the panels can be adjusted to gather maximum sunlight. The Palm Tree solar street light promises to change the way commercial enterprises look at solar energy.

Other things to know

If you wish to order buy solar street light for your commercial needs or street lighting project, you should check with Shenzhen Moonlight Technology Limited to know more on what they have to offer. Their products are designed for better & effective use of this planet-friendly renewable source, but at the same time, the company ranks high in terms of customer support and assistance provided for projects. They have a detailed website, where you can find more on how their design actually helps in lighting streets within an affordable price, and more importantly, how expensive maintenance needs can be done away with.

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