Slip Sheets in Packaging – And How They Can Benefit You

As a business owner, you might not think about slip sheets. However, they are an incredible tool for packaging your products in the most efficient way possible. Slip sheets are thin pieces of paper that have been treated with wax or silicon on one side to help them stick to cardboard boxes.

In addition, they can be used for bundling items together, so they don’t move around during shipping and as padding between product layers inside a box. We’ll go over some of the benefits below!

1) Slip sheets are reusable.

– They can be used over and over again, which saves you money in the long run!

– They will not tear or rip like other packaging materials (such as bubble wrap) that need to be replaced after one use.

2) They allow for easy product placement.

– Instead of having to use a lot of tape or other adhesive materials, slip sheets can be reused and repositioned over and over again, so the product always has the perfect fit every time!

3) They help prevent damage to the product.

– Slip sheets act as a protective layer between your products and other materials in their box (the cardboard).

In conclusion, slip sheets are a valuable tool for any business looking to save money and time while preventing damage during shipping. Furthermore, they can be used over and over again, which is an incredible value!

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