How to Optimize Instagram Features to Increase Reach and Get Real Instagram Followers

Instagram has more than 1 billion downloads on the Android play store. And constantly people are sharing posts. Making a good profile on Instagram has become important. In today’s time, it is out of the question that your brand will not be on Instagram.

With these many people using Instagram daily you would want to create something exciting and amazing to attract them. After the creation of beautiful posts, you need to optimize all the features of Instagram to get real Instagram followers.

In this article, we will talk about all the well-known features and how to optimize them properly to increase reach. Let’s take a look at them:

Use Hashtags

Almost everyone who has used the internet in any way would be aware of the use of hashtags. Putting hashtags in your posts can increase your reach. If anyone will search for anything with the same hashtags related to your post then there is a chance that your post might reach a new audience.

You have to use hashtags smartly. Just putting all kinds of hashtags in your post will not work. The algorithms will consider this as a scam and will not promote it. You need to be razor-sharp with the use of hashtags.

Go Live on Instagram

Online content is driving more towards live and authentic content. People tend to connect more with the authentic representation rather than the well-produced content. Many people watch Instagram live. You can collaborate with other people and go live with them. This helps in making connections with the audience.

More and more people are getting comfortable with the concept of live streaming. Now it has become pretty normal to go live on Instagram. You should make the most of it this feature on Instagram.

Use Stickers and Other Visual Cues

In the online world, people have started to communicate in very different ways. With the advent of stickers and emojis, people are using them whenever they can. Stickers and other visual cues help in communicating your message. It makes a lot of sense to use them but do it subtly. Using in abundance can put people off.

Use Advance Feature like Alt Text

Not many people are aware of this feature putting alt text. If you go on the advanced feature then you can add alt text to your images. By using this you can tell the algorithm that what your post is about. This will help to increase your reach.

Using alt text or alternative text is done on web pages so that the search engine algorithm would understand what the image is about.

Use Features Like Promotions and Insights

Instagram promotions are not that costly. You can simply promote, whatever your best content is, through promotion. Many people hesitate in promotion thinking that this does not work. But it has been proved again and again that promotions work significantly.

Instagram Insights provides valuable feedback on how your posts are doing. To get the full benefit of Instagram, you need to analyze data from insight and use it to make a strategy to attract real Instagram followers.

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