Function of the parcel delivery services for shippers of all sizes in Singapore

There are many hassle-free delivery services that provide delivery solutions for the various shippers in all sizes. All the services are comprehensive and they provide a suitable courier service for each and every shipper.

Services of the social media seller

  • You can buy prepaid packaging of your parcel and enjoy the free service of flat-rate shipping.
  • Customers are allowed to opt for the self-collection of goods through any of the Ninja point services.
  • On-demand pickups can also be arranged for the parcels that are going to be shipped.
  • Customers can enjoy the negotiation service of bulk-pricing discounts.
  • Omni channel increased profit options are available for the direct-to-consumer solutions.

Delivery services

Nowadays, the unique platform of pro postpaid option is available for the customers which can deliver more than 250 parcels a month, without charging any amount. For this, you need to have a dedicated account manager for the shipping of your parcel within the limited time and date that is given to you. Scheduled doorstep pickup services will be provided to the customers, but it will be completely based on a desired frequency. Other parcel delivery service will also include webhook management and a legal API system.

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