Benefits and Kinds of Chocolate Depositor Machines

Filled chocolates are produced to give people exciting new treats. Chocolate manufacturers take advantage of the power and efficiency of a chocolate depositing machine that injects the filling and the chocolate in one shot into the molds. It only takes pressing the button and cooling to produce the desired product.

A chocolate depositor machine can quickly produce filled chocolate. It is meant to make a huge number of products in a short time while occupying a small space in one shot. Such a system is a must for those who want to produce more by spending less time while maintaining the quality, identity, and standards of their product.

Benefits of a Chocolate Depositor

Manually filling products with chocolates involves many processes. This includes placing the chocolate in the mold, making the shells, letting it cool and crystallizing, removing from the freezer, filling the product, covering the bottom of the chocolate, and taking it to the final cooling. Manufacturers of chocolates that make filled chocolates manually need to take every step to produce the product desired. However, chocolate depositing machines can do it all at once with only a press of a button.

Furthermore, manufacturers must spend more time caring for the parts that matter in creating their art and spend less time in unproductive tasks. A state-of-the-art chocolate depositor makes filled-chocolate making a quick and more dependable process. Also, it allows chocolatiers to regulate the proportion of the chocolate to filling and the weight of the product. In fact, it also lets them control the reservoir’s temperatures and store hundreds of pieces. With this, they don’t need to worry about producing a lot of types of products with just a piece of equipment.

Types of Chocolate Depositors

Chocolate depositors are available in various types, depending on your purpose:

  • Shot fillers. This type of chocolate depositor is ideal for small and medium chocolate producers. It can minimize space, enhance machine management, and automate operations. It features PLC and operator panel touch screen to do all operations using easy and intuitive management software.
  • Slap depositors. This kind of machine controls the dosing of spreadable honey, jams, and creams. It is available with an adjustable pneumatic switch for dosing start.
  • Chips depositor. This chocolate depositing machine is designed to be used for producing particle chocolate chips. It is capable of producing chocolate chips wit a tail on top or like water droplets or buttons. You can adjust the weight and size of the chocolate drops based on your requirement.

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