A Twisted Tale Of Roller Coaster Fails

Adventure parks are everyone’s fantasy. The giant-wheels and roller-coasters are a big attraction. They are the rides never missed by any and are in a continuous run. Thus, their demand and popularity should abide by the construction’s safe and proper guidelines to prevent any mishaps.
But accidents happen unannounced. We come across several cases of roller coaster fails now and then. Who doesn’t recall the famous Final Destination movie while reading such news?

Fault Analysis

The accident, no doubt, is dangerous and claims many lives. Are the structure and material of the construction only to be blamed for the reason? One might expect the coasters to be made of steel or iron bars to resist the load and the speed among the twists and turns. But amazingly, many parks build them using wood. The creaking noise of the timber woods on the high-speed thrills the riders.
After the failure and the accident, the forensic and the crime investigators trace back the structural setup and study the wood and material remnants used to judge the mishap’s cause.

Reaching Conclusion

The most plausible reason could be cracks in wood at joints. Since the coaster is a loop of twists and turns, there might be a possibility of the failure of the wood’s holding capacity, and it might break. With time the quality of the material may also degrade. If the wood is used, it might wear off, or if a metal is used, it might get reacted to environmental conditions.
The reason may not always be the failure of the tracks. The vehicle can also give away several times. The train used has guidelines for the bearing capacity and the passenger count. If such procedures aren’t followed strictly, the poor helpless materials can’t be blamed for the human mistake.
Mere collection of the materials and the train doesn’t complete the job.
Construction also requires proper architectural design. On calculating the required force, truss, and the pressure the material can stand with, instructions are prepared for a safe ride. Structural designers and architects are employed for the job. As the structure is built on land, the terrain and the location are studied.

The later analysis and detailed reconstruction of the accident may reach the root cause and conclusion, but the loss and damage can’t be remitted. Thus, strict adherence to instructions and measures is a must in these jobs.

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