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The devices embedded in the well for workover and registration work, wirelines and slick lines are fundamentally the same as gadgets. While a flat cable is a thin link familiar with a well with transport and recovery devices at the bottom of the well, a steel cable is an electrical link used to download instruments and send information about the good hole states. Usually comprising of interlaced links, wirelines are used to perform wireline profiling is done by the Wireline Service Company.


Used to place and retrieve well-hole hardware, for example, accessories, locks and valves, slacklines are single-stranded non-electrical links brought to surface oil and gas wells. Slacklines can also be used to change valves and gloves found at the bottom of the well, as well as fix the piping inside the well. Folded on a drum in the back of a truck, the flat cable is brought and brought up into the pit, pulling the wire in and out using pressurized water.

On the other hand, wirelines are electrical links that communicate information about the well. Composed of single or multiple tapes, the steel cable is used for well mediation and arrangement evaluation activities. At the end of the day, wirelines are valuable for gathering information about the well in profiling exercises, as well as in workover occupations that require the transmission of information

Wireline Logs

First created by Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger in 1927, steel cable logs measure the development properties in a well through electrical wire lines. Unique concerning MWD and mud logs, wireline logs are constant bottom-hole estimates sent through the electric wireline used to help geologists, drillers and experts decide on ongoing options on penetration tasks. Wireline profiles can quantify resistivity, conductivity and development pressure, as well as sonic properties and well measurements, were done by the Wireline Service Company.

Workover Operations

When well creation requires healing work to support, restore or update the creation, this is called a workover. Normally, workover activities require a creation closure, although not in a general way. In workover tasks, a good adjustment unit is used to squeak things around the well. The line used to speed up and slow down can be a twisted steel cable or a flat single steel cable. The conducted workover activities can incorporate good organization, the configuration of plugs, registration of creation and opening of explosives.

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