A Lease Copier Is Better Than A Bought Copier

While establishing an office, there are lots of equipment that are needed to be purchased. But, buying is always not a good idea, especially for start-up companies who have a very tight capital budget. Equipment like printer and copier is needed in an office. However, buying them may not be a cost-effective idea compared to a lease copierwhich is way more cost-efficient, and we are going to tell you why.

Difference between leasing and buying a copier.

Copier is not at all cheap. A good copier machine can cost a lot. It is not a bad idea to pay a lot for a copier since it is an investment. However, buying a copier can cost way more in the beginning while leasing a copier will probably cost two-third of that amount. A purchased copier becomes yours forever while the leasing contract needs to be renewed.

Why is leasing better?

Copier is a machine and machine keep developing. Instead of buying one expensive one for every two years, it is better to lease one and then lease a better one in the next year.

As a start-up company, you should spend your capital wisely and not spend a chunk of it in buying expensive equipment when you can lease them.

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